Assignment 1 – Android Lookup

Android Lookup

Android Lookup is an Android utility based on the *nix utility nslookup.

Source can be found at:

To lookup an IP Address:

Enter a hostname in the “Site Name” field. Then press the lookup button. The IP Address will be displayed in the “IP Address” field.

To lookup a Site Name:

Enter an IP Address in the “IP Address” field. Then press the lookup button. The hostname will be displayed in the “Site Name” field.


Sometimes the hostname lookup may return an unexpected hostname for an IP Address. This is because a single IP Address will often have one Canonical (true) hostname, but many aliases.\n



The App had mostly been completed by the first progress report, so there are only minor changes since then.

The biggest changes are the addition of additional icons.

  • The Android icon in the menu bar has been changed to a Clemson tiger paw
  • The Lookup icon now looks a lot less generic.
  • A nice internet-y image has been added to fill the bottom of the screen.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 10.15.31 PM

The biggest change is the addition of the Info button on the Activity Bar. The Help Button displays a simple message about the utility. This functionality is based on the message displaying functionality from Assignment 0.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 10.15.40 PM


Special thanks to John Ingram for his excellent in-class presentation on software development.

Also, thanks to Greg Edison for demonstrating the drag ‘n’ drop functionality of Eclipse and other hints.

Great info about procrastination, including the instant gratification monkey, at and how to beat it at

Acknowledgements in the source code:

Handling networkonmainthread exception with AsyncTask:

How to do nslookup in Java:

More on InetAddresses from:

Determining whether a string is an IP address:
How to clear a edittext field:

How to display toasts:

Android Menu functionality from

Guide to the Action bar from

Image for lookup icon used under Creative Commons license from:

Image for internet picture used under Creative Commons license from:

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